Pipe and Cable Locators

Franklin Gem Shade Sails have invested in the C.Scope Pipe & Cable location equipment.

This will not only prove a great tool when installing our shade sails, but given that more and more services are under ground finding there location prior to any work commencing is not only a good workplace practise it can avoid costly repairs and lengthily disruption to vital assets.

Our trained operators can locate underground power, gas, phone, coms, storm water etc. any service that can hold currant any
plastic, pvc pipe where a tracer can be fitted or inserted.

Our Pipe and Cable Locators are great for:

• Post Installation
• Driveways
• Building Renovations
• Drainage
• Retaining Walls
• Landscaping
• and much more

MXL Locator

MXT Transmitter

Cable Avoidance Tool

SGA/V Signal Generator

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