Need a Mini Digger?

Why do all the hard work yourself when in hours a we can come to you with our Dingo Digger. A Dingo Digger can do what you could do manually in a couple of days.

Dingo Diggers have an large range of available attachments like rotary hoes, augers, scoops and more.

Such a diversity means our mini excavators are perfect for a huge range of earthmoving, levelling, trenching, soil preparation and waste removal.

We specialise in Commercial, Schools, Kindergartens, Child Care Centres and Residential Homes. Don't do the hard work yourself - Get  a Dingo Digger
Dingo Diggers are great for:

• Sandpits
• Post Holes
• Stump Holes
• Bucket Work
• Driveways
• Retaining Walls
• Mulch
• Tipper Hire
• Landscaping
• and much more

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