The Shade Sail Specialist

Franklin Gem has been professionally designing & installing Shade Sails since 1990. Shade Sails are an ideal way to create a feeling of openness while having added protection to your outdoor environment. Benefits of a Franklin Gem Shade Sail:

• Air flow is uninterrupted
• Heat is not trapped within.
• Flowing, pleasing look, not hard and rigid.  Your choice of waterproof or shade cloth.
• Selection of fittings incorporating stainless steel or galvanised.
• We use only High quality fabric which has a LIVI3 rating of 99% and provides up to 97% shade depending
  on the colour selected.
• Franklin Gem Shades are made according to computations prepared by an engineer.
• We follow up our installations with an inspection to readjust tension on the sail approximately 8 weeks after
  the installation.
• A five year warranty is provided on all workmanship with a ten year limited warranty of the cloth used.

Franklin Gem uses only quality fabrics & steel components to ensure a long lasting addition to your premises. A comprehensive range of colours & fabrics ensures that the perfect look will be achieved for your property adding a sense of style and ambience that will increase your property value.

All Franklin Gem Shade Sails are tailored to your specific needs and designed around your environment. Call and speak to our specialist Andrew on 0418 385 139 to discuss your requirements.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to Andrew please give us a call on

Freecall 1300 729 116